of population with higher education


largest internal market – unlimited access to the EU market of over 500 million people


cities with population exceeding 200,000


Polish Zloty (PLN)
1 EUR ~ 4.3 PLN
1 USD ~ 3.8 PLN

Tax Rates

CIT: 19% (base rate)
VAT: 23% (base rate)
PIT: 17%, 32%

USD 33,890

GDP per capita (PPP)

USD 526.5 bn

PValue of assets
in the banking sector

High-tech sectors of the Polish economy

Business Services Sector

Business Services Sector including IT

307,000 employed in SSC+IT

Real Estate

Real Estate

40.5m2 on property market (office+retail+warehouse)
USD 7.7 bn in investments

Research & Development

Research & Development

170,000 employees
over 5,800 registered entities

Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry

USD 504 m market value
400 game developing entities
90% of income comes from exports



in Ease of Doing Business Ranking (top in CEE)


in Annual Global Resilience Index


in Transparency Corruption Perception Index (top in CEE)

USD 246.6 m

value of software development market (5.5% annual growth)

USD 15.5 bn

expected sales of IT by 2020


annual increase in the number of software developers in Poland (2017/2018)


Fortune 500 companies trusted Poland with their Buissness Centres

Outsourcing hub – financial institutions

Poland has also attracted numerous financial sector players to establish their business services centers on its territory.


Revolut – one of the key European challenger banks – although having headquarters in UK, holds its biggest IT, customer support and compliance services center in Kraków and employs about 700 specialists.

Expert opinion

When we were looking for a location for our first global business services hub in the Western Hemisphere back in early 2018, Poland emerged as the most suitable option. Sustainable access to high-quality talent in areas such as compliance, risk and technology was the key factor in our decision-making process. Two years later we have a team of over 600 experienced specialists providing high-end, knowledge-intensive services to our sister companies located around the bank’s global network. Our office in Warsaw is home to – among others – over 100 cybersecurity professionals, both engineers as well as project and risk management experts, who help protect the bank from cyber threats globally, as well as Haskell developers who create liquidity risk management solutions.

Author: Rowena Everson, CEO Poland & Head GBS Poland, Standard Chartered Bank